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  1. When you help even one family plant a garden, you take a giant step towards defeating hunger. For many poor people, hunger is a constant companion. They don’t know when they’ll eat again. That changes when they have a garden. They know where their next meal is coming from and the food is there...
  5. Many plants deemed as invaluable for the smallholder farmer offer nutritious food for the family, fodder for animals, or timber for construction. Remarkably, bamboo offers all three of these assets from the same perennial plant!  
  6. This collection was conceived as an 'Appropriate Technology' list of commentary and research concerning the treatment of snake bites. Snake bites are recognized by the WHO as a neglectedTropical Disease. The particular question of the use of electric shock as a treatment is addressed in the pro...
  8. The FAO elearning Academy provides learning opportunities and multilingual e-learning courses for professionals working in food and nutrition security, social and economic development and sustainable management of natural resources, with the overall goal of strengthening capacity of member...