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  1. 1966-01-01 A cookbook of recipes for casseroles, cakes, cookies, rolls, etc. using wheat as an ingredient.  
  2. 1966-01-01 The purpose of this Bulletin is to summarise the available knowledge about the nutritive value of Indian foodstuffs for the benefit of public health workers, medical practitioners, superinendents of residential institutions and other interested in practical dietietics. With the help of the talbes...  
  3. 1965-03-01 Circular no. 905 55 pages, illustrated, photos  
  4. 1965-01-01 This book attempts to open a door upon the enormously difficult possiblity that men may improve themselves. There is no certainty that this possibility is realizable. This book begins with an intimate view of the phenomenon under consideration-human beings in process of self-chosen change....  
  5. 1965-01-01 This book presents, in simple form, the descriptions and culture of the 500 species most likely to interest the average home gardener, leaving out those difficult to find or of interest only to the specialist. It also suggest their chief use in the garaden, which, in these days of high labor...  
  6. 1965-01-01 Florida has many advantages for breeding, raising and training horses. This book covers all the types of horses, their body parts, and how to feed and train them.  
  7. 1965-01-01 63 pages, illustrated  
  8. 1965-01-01 156 pages, tables  
  9. 1965-01-01 80 pages Bulletin no. 161, R-January, 1965  
  10. 1965-01-01 615 pages No. 10 in the series, Agronomy