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  1. 3528-02-06 This booklet reflects seven years of experience of the Biogas Extension Service (BES) of Camartec.  
  2. Key Resource 2068-01-19 Tropical Crops: Dicotyledons presents the basic information on the botany and agronomy of tropical dicotyledonous crops, which are either used locally or are partly or wholly exported. The space given to each crop is dependent upon its importance and the amount of work which has been devoted to...  
  3. 2067-01-19 165 pages, illustrated  
  4. 2067-01-19 The objective of this study was to analyze the system of agricultural resource organization, sometimes known as rudimentary sedentary agriculture in southern Uganda. The analysis center on the institutional dimensions of the classical factors of production--land, labor, capital, and...  
  5. 2066-01-19 155 pages, illustrated, photos  
  6. 2066-01-19 160 pages, illustrated  
  7. 2028-01-01 This is a prepublication copy in a notebook. Genetically engineered (GE) crops were first introduced commercially in the 1990s. After two decades of production, some groups and individuals remain critical of the technology based on their concerns about possible adverse effects on human health,...  
  8. Key Resource 2021-06-14 The deadly virus has decimated pig populations globally, reaching Asia in 2018. This article gives an overview of the origin, transmission, diagnosis, and prevention and coping strategies.  
  9. 2021-06-14 This article overviews steps to take if you suspect the presence of Africa swine fever virus on your small farm. At all times, make sure to follow recommendations of local animal heal officials.  
  10. 2021-06-14 This is only one example of a biosecurity plan for small-scale pig operations in one region and may be used as a template. Engage in farm-wide discussions with your team.