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  1. 1956-01-01 46 pages, illustrated, photos Section 3, Pasture and Range Plants  
  2. 1956-01-01 This book presents a clear account of the principles and practice of the methods of growing without soil, which will start the feet of the beginner on the right path and save him from many pitfalls.  
  3. 1956-01-01 This yearbook gives information about the cause, nature, and prevention of the common diseases of animals on American farms.  
  4. 1956-01-01 The purpose of this monographis to present methods and processes by which organic waste materials, which constitute a health hazard and a source of disease communication, may be treated for sanitary disposal and utilization in agriculture. These important objectives-sanitary treatment for the...  
  5. 1956-01-01 160 pages, illustrated  
  6. 1956-01-01 Section 2 of a series 37 pages, illustrated, photos  
  7. 1955-02-01 185 pages, illustrated, photos From HIlgardia: A Journal of Agricultural Science  
  8. 1955-01-01 144 pages, illustrated, photos  
  9. 1955-01-01 Series 1: Pasture and range plants 26 pages, illustrated, photos  
  10. 1955-01-01 Methods and processes, tools and implements, are described in this paper in broad outline only, with the object of showing how improvements can be made step by step.