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  1. 1957-01-01 This publication tells the history of pineapple in Florida and gives information on how to raise pineapples.  
  2. 1957-01-01 Exotica is a comprehensive and contemporary pictorial record of ornamental plants introduced from far-flung tropical and warm-climate regions of the world. The object of this reference work is to acquaint friends of horticulture with the vast variety of interesting decorative plants which may be...  
  3. 1957-01-01 26 pages, illustrated  
  4. 1957-01-01 413 pages, illustrated, photos  
  5. 1957-06-01 Also contains: "Insects and mites found on Florida citrus" and "Recommended fertilizers and nutrional sprays for citrus." 3 books, each with own pages numbers, illustrated, photos  
  6. 1958-01-01 This paper has been prepared to call attention to the publishedinformation that the author has found, and some personal observations, relating to the use and the study of various bamboos as sources of forage. 37 pages, illustrated, photos  
  7. 1958-04-01 16 pages, illustrated, photos Farmer's Bulletin no. 2113  
  8. 1959-01-01 385 pages, illustrated, photos  
  9. 1959-01-01 This book includes factual description of all the main groups of vascular plants. It will dispaly the procedures, general principles, and objectives of comparative morphology. (the branch of biology that deals with the form of living organisms, and with relationships between their structures.)  
  10. 1959-01-01 1,103 pages, illustrated, photos