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  1. 1950-08-01 Bulletin 139 47 pages, illustrated, photos  
  2. 1951-01-01 140 pages, illustrated, photos  
  3. 1951-01-01 This book is a text in botany for use by students in pharmacy. 751 pages, illustrations  
  4. 1951-01-01 The purpose of this book is to provide a practical working manual and guide for poultrymen keeping layers in indiviual cages in relatively open house.  
  5. 1952-01-01 Agricultural Handbook no. 30 440 pages, illustrated, photos  
  6. 1953-01-01 66 pages, illustrated, photos Manual 9  
  7. 1954-01-01 Advanced Woodwork and Furniture Making was written for those who are interested in making high-quality furniture and who have access to power tools.  
  8. 1954-01-01 This edition includes replacement of the time-honored Frontispiece of this book depicting absorption spectra of the blood pigments and their derivatives with a new color plate showing a two-dimensional chromatogram of a protein hydrolyzate. Thirteenth Edition  
  9. 1954-01-01 This book deals with drugs and their therapeutic uses in controlling diseases of animals commonly raised by man.  
  10. 1954-01-01 The goal of our work is to find the best way to preserve seed by conducting experiments on the factors affecting viability and vigor of seeds if properly stored. 32 pages, illustrations