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  1. 1940-01-19 Facsimile of 1940 Edition.An Agricultural Testamentis Sir Albert Howard's best-known publication and remains one of the seminal works in the history of organic farming movement. The work focuses on the nature and management of soil fertility, and notably explores composting. At a time when...  
  2. 1942-01-01 89 pages, illustrated, photos  
  3. 1942-01-01 This yearbook tells how to keep livestock healthy. Discovering how to combat diseases and parasites and applying the discoveries after they are made demand themobilization of brains and skill much as they are mobilized for war.  
  4. 1945-03-01 Technical Bulletin no. 5 31 pages, tables  
  5. 1946-01-01 Both the scienfitic and practical facts relating to poultry feeding are presented in this book. Information dealing with poultry nutrition is quite extensive. This book is designed to meet the needs of poultry students, practical poultrymen, feed dealers, and all other persons interested in...  
  6. 1947-01-01 279 pages, illustrated, photos  
  7. 1949-01-01 301 pages  
  8. 1949-05-01 The information contained in this booklet is an attempt to establish standards by which soils may be judged as to their suitability for rammod-earth work, plus the construction requirements as to density, water content, use of admixtures, use of waterproof coverings, thicknesses of walls, types...  
  9. 1950-01-01 1,632 pages, illustrated  
  10. 1950-05-01 Technical Bulletin no. 2 93 pages, illustrated