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  1. 0980-01-01 424 pages, tables  
  2. 1877-01-01 Excerpt of a longer work. Discussion on indian corn, rice, broom corn or millet. 54 pages  
  3. 1877-01-01 80 pages  
  4. 1900-01-01 Farmer's Bulletin, no. 108 19 pages, illustrated  
  5. 1920-01-19 The reason for scarcity of fruits in regions where, by climatic indications, one would expect them to be most abundant, is not to be found in any single fact, but is, perhaps, largely the result of three causes: first, the enervating effect of heat, which discourages man from undertaking work...  
  6. 1928-01-01 234 pages, illustrated, photos  
  7. 1929-01-19 Beside me was a tree, one lone tree. That tree was locally famous because it was the only tree anywhere in that vicinity; yet its presence proved that once there had been a forest over most of that land-now treeless and waste. The farmers of a past generation had cleared the forest. They had...  
  8. 1933-01-01 This classic work of botanical literature provides an exhaustive description of the native and naturalized plants growing naturally in the southeastern United Sates south of North Carolina and Tennessee and East of the Mississippi River. The species are grouped in genera, families, and orders and...  
  9. 1937-01-01 Comprehensive and easy to follow,Food for Fiftyprovides students and food production professionals with a broad variety of tested quantity recipes, along with valuable tables, charts, and ready-to-use guidelines for preparing and serving quality food in quantity.  
  10. 1937-05-01 87 pages, illustrated, photos Bulletin 311