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  1. Agroecology is a scientific discipline, a set of practices and a social movement. As a science, it studies how different components of the agroecosystem interact. As a set of practices, it seeks sustainable farming systems that optimize and stabilize yields. As a social movement, it pursues...  
  3. This collection lists organizations, communities of practice, and partner networks working in Latin America and the Caribbean in areas relevant to ournetwork members in the region (e.g. small-scale farming, agroecology, community development, local seed systems, appropriate technology,...  
  4. 1993-12-19 A method for rearing the insect that yields the red dye, carmine.  
  5. 1993-12-19 More information about using Moringa seeds for water treatment.  
  6. 1993-12-19 Velvet bean,Mucuna pruriens, hasprobably had more impact on farmers lives than any plant distributed from our seedbank.  
  7. 1993-12-19 Information about the possibility of using egusi seeds to produce a milk substitute.  
  8. 1996-10-19 Book Review:Educational and Training Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture A Resource List from ATTRA Book Review:Extension and Education Materials for Sustainable Agriculture Book Review:Farming for the Future: An Introduction to Low-External Input and Sustainable Agriculture ILEIA...
  9. 1996-10-19 Intercropping of Sugar Cane Egusi Can Reduce Weeds in Corn Striga Controlled in Pearl Millet by Intercropping with Cowpea