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  1. Bay-rum tree Pimenta racemosa

  2. Bamboo, Angel Mist Dendrocalamus minor

  3. Black Plum; Wax Jambu Syzygium cumini

  4. Dragon Fruit; Pitaya Hylocereus polyrhizus

  5. Coffee Arabica Coffea arabica

  6. Macadamia nut M. integrifolia X tetraphylla

  7. Calamondin X Citrofortunella microcarpa

  8. Pigeon Pea Cajanus cajan

    Pigeon Pea, Gandules, Congo Pea, Angola Pea, Pwa Kongo, Gandur, Cachito, Ambrevade, Gungo Pea

    Pigeon pea is a nitrogen-fixing, perennial shrub, growing to 4 m in height, that produces green or dry seed in seasonally dry climates. Pigeon peas are adaptable to many soil types and are used as a dry pea, green vegetable, fodder, fuelwood, green manure or cover crop.
  9. Palm, Lady Rhapis excelsa

  10. Sunn Hemp Crotalaria juncea

    Sunn Hemp, Matraca, Indian hemp, brown hemp

    Crotalaria juncea is an annual herbaceaous plant utilized for fiber, forage, and as a green manure cover crop. Reaching heights of 3.5 m, C. juncea bears long, slender, trifoliate leaves and typical, butterfly-shaped blooms similar to other legumes.