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  1. Bay-rum tree Pimenta racemosa

  2. Bamboo, Angel Mist Dendrocalamus minor

  3. Black Plum; Wax Jambu Syzygium cumini

  4. Dragon Fruit; Pitaya Hylocereus polyrhizus

  5. Coffee Arabica Coffea arabica

  6. Macadamia nut M. integrifolia X tetraphylla

  7. Calamondin X Citrofortunella microcarpa

  8. Palm, Lady Rhapis excelsa

  9. Maize Zea mays

    Maize, Corn, Indian Corn, Sweet Corn

    Maize is an annual, warm-climate crop in the grass family, thriving in open sunny environments with daytime temperatures of 20-24C. Maize is used fresh, frozen, canned, rolled and roasted for corn flakes, pressed for oil, or processed for ethanol as fuel. Maize is also an important feed source...