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  1. Palm, Pygmy Date Phoenix roebelenii

  2. Palm, Senegal Date Phoenix reclinata

  3. Rosy Trumpet Tree Tabebuia guayacan

  4. Palm, Wild date Phoenix sylvestris

  5. Canistel Pouteria campechiana

    Canistel, Egg Fruit, Yellow Sapote

    Canistel is an evergreen tree typically growing to 8 m but can grow to 30 m. The fruit is yellow and up to 28 cm long and 7 cm wide. The tree and fruit contain a sticky latex and the fruit must be allowed to ripen fully before eating.
  6. Pink trumpet-tree Tabebuia rosea

  7. Mamey sapote; Mammee Sapote Pouteria sapota

  8. Palm, Date Phoenix dactylifera

  9. Lúcuma Pouteria lucuma


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