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  1. Black Plum; Wax Jambu Syzygium cumini

  2. Starfruit Averrhoa carambola

    Starfruit, Balimbing, Vinagrillo, Zibline, Tirguro, Carambola

    Starfruit is a medium to large sized tree, growing to 9 m in height, which produces abundant 5-8 ridged fruit from all parts of the plant. The fruits are yellow to yellow-orange, angled longitudinally, and can be up to 15 cm long and 9 cm wide. When cut in cross section the pieces are star shaped...
  3. Mulberry Morus nigra


  4. Malay Apple Syzygium malaccense

  5. Mulberry, Red Morus rubra

  6. Rose Apple Syzygium jambos

    Rose Apple

  7. Mulberry Morus sp.


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