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  1. Dill Anethum graveolens


    Dill is a freely-branching, blue-green, feathery-leafed, annual herb, with yellow flowers in an umbrella-like cluster, growing to 1 m tall. Dill has been cultivated for centuries from the Mediterranean to southern Russia for both the seeds and leaves. It is now naturalized and grows wild on...
  2. Bamboo, Asian Lemon Bambusa eutuldoides

  3. Bamboo, Barbellate Bambusa chungii

  4. Bamboo, Bengal Bambusa tulda

  5. Bamboo Bambusa intermedia

  6. Bamboo, Hawaiian golden Bambusa arundinacea

  7. Bamboo, Giant thorny Bambusa bambos

  8. Bamboo, Maling Bambusa malangensis

  9. Bamboo, Oriental hedge Bambusa multiplex

  10. Bamboo, Punting pole Bambusa tuldoides