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  2. Soil Association
  3. by H.W. Dalzell, K.R. Gray, and A.J. Biddlestone.
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  5. Jerry Minnich, Marjorie Hunt& editors of Organic Gardening Magazine.
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  7. by the staff of Organic gardening and farming magazine. J. I. Rodale, editor-in-chief [and others]. Compilation supervised by M. C. Goldman.
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  9. Grace Gershuny (Editor), Deborah L. Martin (Editor) Composting is fast becoming a household word. Gardeners know it is the best way to feed the soil, while others look to composting as a way to dispose of grass clippings, autumn leaves, and tree trimmings.
  10. Ben Raskin (Author) Composttells you all you need to know about making compost, from different methods to the weird and wonderful creatures that help make it happen, and how to build and look after your own heap. Find out why worms are one of the stars of the composting show, how recycling your food and garden waste...