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  1. USDA This booklet covers an integrated weed management programs that utilizes all weed control tools in a planned strategy to develop a specific management program for each field.
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  2. Alfred J Turgeon Because managing weeds usually involves a combination of chemical and cultural methods, it should be based on a knowledge of the specific weeds to be controlled, the habitats in which thye are likely to occur and the means by which they enter and persist in a turfgrass community. This...
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  3. Steve Gilman Soil is a living organism that loves to cooperate with farmers and gardeners. A green thumb will appear on those who align themselves with its health and requirements. This book discusses: Soil habitat Sustaining soil fertility The soil food-web Nutrient availability and deficiency After reading...
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  4. Stephen O. Duke 44 pages
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  5. Merrill A. Ross et al The purpose of this book is to meet the need for a reference that relates the principles of weed science directly to weed control situations encountered in the field. Although the concept is simple, the objective is difficult to attain. To be successful in weed control, one must conceptualize...
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  6. Abelino, Pitty & Mu{ogon}oz, Roni
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  7. editores, Myron Shenk con Albert Fischer, Bernal Valverde.
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  8. This manual discusses the biology, economic status, and management of insects, diseases, nematodes, weeds, and vertebrates important to crop production in California. Photographs and other illustrations are intended to help the reader identify important pests and their damage, an essential first...
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  9. Arne Witt, Quentin Luke Both in Ethiopia and in the countries of East Africa, the continuing proliferation and spread of invasive alien species (IAS) is now recognized as a serious problem, which needs to be addressed. While this situation has improved dramatically over the past 10 years, further progress has been...
  10. Arne Witt Despite the significant impacts of alien plant species (IAS), there has not been a concerted effort to tackle the problem across the region. This can mainly be ascribed to a lack of policy, little awareness and limited capacity at a national and regional level. The UN Environment-Global...