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  1. Dennis S. Hill & J. M. Waller This book is designed as a textbook but can also be used by field workers as a handbook for identitfication of crop pests and diseases. Pests and diseases are listed under each of forty major crops.
    632.091 HIL | PF.013
  2. H. David Thurston. This book incorporates several new developments since the publication of the first edition. Use this reference as a guide to to identification and control of tropical plant diseases. Up-to-date information tropical plant diseases including special emphasis on molecular biology, genetic...
    632.309 THU
  3. R.C. Ploetz, G.A. Zentmyer, W.T. Rohrbach, H.D. Ohr, 88 pages, illustrated, photos
    634.6 PLO
  4. S. H. Ou This pamphlet contains some general information on the important diseases of rice in the tropics. It is intended primarily for use by trainees at the International Rice Research Institute.
    633.189 OU
  5. The purpose of this handbook is to provide a concise summary of the more important infections and other conditions causing ill-health in domestic animals in tropical and subtropical countries, emphasising any special features applicable in these countries in the case of diseases of wider...
    636.089 BRI
  6. Randy C. Ploetz Everything you wanted to know about tropical fruit crop diseases.
    634.6 PLO
  7. H.T.B. Hall This book describes the causes, symptoms, treatment and control of the main diseases of tropical livestock. The second edition has been thoroughly revised to take account of recent developments in veterinary science and the changing incidence of many diseases.
    636.089 HAL
  8. Randy C. Ploetz More than 45 authors present current information on how to identify and control diseases of bananna, coconut, mango, pineapple, papaya, and avocado. Table of Contents Introduction; Part 1: Banana; Taxonomy; Origins and Importance; Anatomy; Horticulture; Banana Diseases Caused by Fungi;...
    634.6 PLO
  9. Jurgen Kranz This book on tropical diseases, pests, and weeds has been written by 152 authors from many countries, all of whom can claim personal experience in their subjects, gained largely in the field.
    632.091 KRA
  10. G. Frohlich [et all] 371 pages, illustrated, photos
    633.089 FRO