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  1. Clive Lightfoot, et al This training resource book is made for researchers wishing to learn and teach the essentials of agro-ecosystem mapping. 55 pages, illustrations, photos
    589.7 LIG
  2. Asian Vegetable Research Development Center This manual is intended to be a guide to the vegetable production training course for developing country specialists offered at the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center. It is designed as well to be a resource book for extension subject matter specialists and vocational agriculture...
    635.04 AVR
  3. Isabel Carter These guides are designed for use in small group situations where one or more people are literate and confident enough to lead others in group discussion. The aim to provide material for discussion around a subject either in isolation or as part of a regular group meeting.
    307.14 CAR
  4. P. Oakley, C. Garforth. The purposes of this guide are several. First it is intended to be a text for those involved in the pre-service and in-service training of extension personnel. Second, we hope it can be used directly by extension agents in the field as a resource text in support of their extension activities. The...
    307.140 OAK
  5. Daniel Benor et al Training and VIsit Extension contains a comprehensive explanation of the organization and operation of the training and visit systems of agricultural extension. THis book has its origin in a series of operational notes on aspects of the extension system. Intended mainly for the use of extension...
    630.715 BEN
  6. Abstract, , 2013 This field-tested, six-day curriculum responds to community development managers', program planners' and behavior change officers’ need for a practical behavioral framework that strategically aids them in planning for maximum effectiveness. This curriculum, originally adapted...
  7. Tawedzegwa Musitini, Consultant for Zim-ACP In many African countries, women are relegated to the periphery of the decision-making ladder on important issues such as access to land and other productive resources. This traditional legacy resulted in an unequal structure of society and unequal distribution of resources. In Zimbabwe,...
  8. R. Black, et al .Plant Clinic utilizes a series of questions with the answers pointing to possible diagnosis. Included is data on 10 cases to show the process. 20 pages, illustrations
    632.3 BLA
  9. Abstract: Farmers play a crucial role in the preservation and sustainable use of agrobiodiversity. In fact, the diversity of species that support our current agricultural production systems has been carefully managed and shaped by farming communities, over the course of the history of humankind....
  10. L. Robert Kohls et al Excellent resource for cross-cultural and intercultural trainers. The examples and stories are insightful and useful for participants.
    658.312 KOH