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  1. Conny Almekinders & Niels Louwaars This handbook covers a whole range of issues relating to local seed supply systems, including participatory plant breeding, and both technical and practical information on seed production and variety maintenance. It suggests new approaches and methods to support on-farm seed production by...
    631.521 ALM | PG.005,PG.010
  2. S. D. Doijode Maintain viability with these techniques for proper seed storage! Healthy, viable seeds are the foundation for sustainable crop production, while poorly kept seeds can result in low germination and crop loss. Seed Storage of Horticultural Crops suggests appropriate strategies to help farmers and...
    635.042 DOI
  3. T D Hong et al This handbook provides an introduction to seed storage physiology for those responsible for plant genetic conservation and a selective summary of the literature on seed survival in storage, and thus on seed storage behaviour, for almost 7000 species from 251 families. (Letters A-H)
    581.467 HON
  4. This booklet looks at the Danish Government Institute of Seed Pathology for Developing Countries and the work that they do training plant pathologist and seed technologist, research, and the introduction of seed pathology coursed in developing countries. 15 pages, illustrated, photos
    632.3 HEL
  5. Harry van den Burg 2 Copies Seed production and the maintenance of crop cultivars by small farmers is a subject that has attracted increasing attention over the past decade. The increasing dominance of large multinationals in the seed trade, the controversy over genetic engineering, and the recognition of farmersí...
    631.521 AGR
  6. Adelmann, Arllys, Steph Hughes, Kent Whealy producers 92 pages, illustrated, photos
    631.5 ADE
  7. by J. Hanson 115 pages, illustrated Practical Manuals for Genebanks: no. 1
    581.15 HAN
  8. Brian A. Connolly Part of the NOFAguides. Includes information on: Strengths and limitations of hybrid varieties Before you grow the seed (selecting varieties, saving seed and improving crops, intellectual property rights) Growing seed (pollination biology, harvesting, cleaning, storage, germination testing)...
    631.521 CON
  9. To help leaders of seed programs identify the essential elements and then organize a plan to manage them well, the International Agricultural Development Service has published a guide resulting from the collective efforts of 16 persons with many years of experience in developing seed programs....
    631.521 DOU
  10. Michael Turner This book provides an understanding of the technical and managerial aspects of seed production and supply with particular reference to tropical conditions, which are inherently more challenging than thsoe of temperate environments.
    631.521 TUR