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  1. Marny Smith et al The Save the Children School Garden Manual has been compiled in the belief that this essential activity can be incorporated in school programs in a way that enriches the depth and variety of the school curriculum; while also teaching students more about an activity which, in many parts of the...
    635. SMI
  2. by Rick Swann (Author),‎ Christy Hale (Illustrator) 8 - 12 years New city. New school. Michael is feeling all alone—until he discovers the school garden! There’s so many ways to learn, and so much work to do. Taste a leaf? Mmm, nice and tangy hot. Dig for bugs? “Roly-poly!” he yells. But the garden is much more than activities outdoors: making...
  3. John O'Brien Children learn the most when they are actively "doing," and this makes gardening an ideal subject to be teaching at school. A new garden brings a schoolyard to life and gives teachers and students a whole new perspective on learning.
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  4. Peace Corps The purpose of this resource manual is to provide primary school teachers with ideas for lessons and activites which can be taught in the school garden.
    635. PEA
  5. FAO This FAO book provides a teaching toolkit with detailed information for starting school gardens in various parts of the world. Divided by topic sections-no page numbers, illustrated
  6. by Erika Tamar (Author),‎ Barbara Lambase (Illustrator) 4 - 7 years A littered lot in New York’s Alphabet City is transformed into a lush garden by people of the neighborhood. Young Marisol finds a small patch of her own, where she plants a large, flat seed. As it grows up and up, it surprises everyone and becomes the most special plant in the Garden...
  7. Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc.'s Gardening for Grades activity booklet was designed to help teachers educate students about the importance of Florida agriculture. The booklet highlights several kinds of school gardens and the resources to create them. Florida produces more fresh...
    635. HOF
  8. Directions and activities on starting a school garden.
    635. SAV
  9. The OUTREACH Learning-by-Doing leaflets have been especially designed for middle school and high school teachers in Third World countries. The Learning-by-Doing leaflets, as the name implies, include a variety of hands-on activities designed to foster the most pressing health and environmental...
    635 OUT
  10. Danny Blank and Andy Cotarelo Founded by the Bonita Springs Community Foundation, the ECHO Edible Schoolyard project is a joint community initiative promoting agricultural education through experimental grardening at Bonita Springs Middle School. This garden will give students many opportunities to learn about edible plants,...
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