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  1. ค้าสุวรรณ, วิเชษฐ์
  2. John P. Mahlstede and Ernest S. Haber. 413 pages, illustrated, photos
    613.53 MAH
  3. CTA This book is divided into four parts - Part 1 explains what you need to keep a successful nursery. Part 2 describes propagation from seeds and Part 3 covers methods of vegetative propagation. Part 4 gives the best way to propagate 100 selected useful plants. 140 pages, illustrated
    613.53 TEC
  4. H. et al. Schreppers Proper management of trees and forests is necessary to make resources sustainable. Treesor rather: woody plants in general play an important part in traditional farming systems in the tropics, not just as food and cash crops but also as suppliers of fuelwood and fodder. Farmers are also aware of...
    631.5 AGR | PG.001
  5. Hudson T. Hartmann et al This book prvides information concerning the fundamental principles involved in plant propagation and serves as a manual that describes useful techniques for propagating plants.
    631.5 HAR | PG.006
  6. เสนานาญ, จีรนันท์
  7. Hudson T. Hartmann, Dale E. Kester, Fred T. Davies, Jr. Hallmarked as the most successful book of its kind, this remarkably thorough book covers all aspects of the propagation of plants - both sexual and asexual - with considerable attention given to human (vs natural) efforts to increase plant numbers. The latest applied techniques and theories of...
    631.5 HAR | PG.006
  8. Graham Clarke et al All aspects of the subject are covered and every method is clearly illustrated. Colour photographs and numerous line drawings enhance the very detailed text covering not only the history of plant propagation and a study of recent developments, but more specific instructions on techniques such as...
    635.04 CLA
  9. R.J. Garner, et al This book is divided into 2 parts. Part I, by R.J. Garner, deals with the establishment and equipment of the nursery, the pots and other containers, the various methods of propagation and with the transplanting of the young plants. This part is well illustrated. Part II is written by various...
    634.043 FAO | PH.029
  10. Donald F. Wetherell. This manual describes the facilities, equipment, procedures essential to all in vitro plant culture.
    631.53 WET