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  1. This book is an effort by FAO to compile an up-to-date, comprehensive text on rural structures and services in the tropics, focusing on structures for small- to medium-scale farms and, to some extent, village-scale agricultural infrastructure. The earlier edition, entitled Farm structures in...
  2. This FAO book gives priority to the prevention of post-harvestlosses, particularly through action to reduce losses at the farm and village level. Some topics include pest control, loss assessment, drying, crib storage, root storage, processing cereals, and rice milling. 120 pages, illustrated,...
    631.568 FAO
  3. FAO This FAO book describes efforts to fight the locust in Africa, the Near East and Asia in the 1980s.
    632.726 FAO
  4. FAO This FAO book contains production diagrams for preserving fruits and vegetables in rural areas. 60 pages, illustrated, photos
    641.302 FAO
  5. Among its other activities, FAO has focused on developing natural resources and approaches for their better utilization in order to increase food production in developing countires.This FAO book contains technical papers on soil and plant testing services in many different countries. Also...
    631.46 FAO
  6. FAO This FAO book provides a teaching toolkit with detailed information for starting school gardens in various parts of the world. Divided by topic sections-no page numbers, illustrated
  7. Water resources and development service, land and water development division, Food and Ag. Org. of the U.N. (FAO) in writing this book the authors have had two kinds of readers in mind. The first is the economic or political decision maker who is neither a specialist in water sciences nor has the time to study long and learned works, and the second is the student or the interested layman who wants to obtain...
    551.48 UNF
  8. “Conservation Farming (Agriculture), put first things first by attending to the needs of the soil— by seeing to it that the starting off place, the base, is put into sound health and kept that way. Any other approach, no matter what it may be, always has and always must lead eventually to...
  9. The development of video technology has made it increasing attractive as a medium to support field projects. This book contains guidelines for the use of video communication technology within FAO field projects. 68 pages, illustrated
    778.59 FAO
  10. W. H. Barreveld This book covers whole dates, date products and preparations, derived date fruit products, by-products of date packing and processing, and date palm products. 216 pages, illustrated, tables FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin 101
    634.62 FAO