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  1. Ruwayha Two colled greenhouses were purchased and installed at Rodiat El-Faras, for experimental purpose to raise vegetable crops in the off-season period, May through October. The adverse environmental conditions inside the greenhouses, although extended the availability season of tomatoes, resulted in...
  2. Ruwayha The results, as in previous years, revealed that summer planting of the greenhouses required a high input and resulted in a low out production. Considerable effort, time and investment must be spent towards research to increase the greenhouse cooling efficiency and plant productivity and in...
  3. The material contained within this paper deals with the morphological characteristics that are commonly used in identifying turfgrasses, along with illustrations of how these characteristics apply to each turfgrass specied dtudied herein.
  4. M. B. Jones [et al] 24 pages, illustrated, photos #37
  5. Don Sobkoviak.
  6. Jeff Nugent, Julia Boniface This is an easy-to-use guide to selecting hundreds of perennial species. It is indispensable for growers and designers working in subtropical and warm temperate/arid climates, and also includes some cool-climate tolerant species. Permaculture Plants: A Selection details hundreds of common and...
  7. Alfred Byrd Graf Alfred Byrd Graf is probably the most widely traveled plant explorer of the world's tropics and subtropics. Horticulturist, botanist, and professional photographer, he has roamed the earth in the spirit of Von Humboll, Darwin, and David Fairchild earlier in the 19th and 20th centuries, in search...
  8. Georgina Sydenham et al The vegetables listed in this publication can be divided into cool and warm season vegetables based on their optimum growing season and planting dates.
  9. Brad Lancaster 2 Copies Turn water scarcity into water abundance! Earthworks are one of the easiest, least expensive, and most effective ways of passively harvesting and conserving multiple sources of water in the soil. Associated vegetation then pumps the harvested water back out in the form of beauty, food,...
  10. Hannah Eliot Did you know that an average ear of corn have an even number of rows, which is usually 16? How about that chocolate can make you feel in love? Or that there are about 7,500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world? If you tried one each day, it would take you 20 years to try them all! Find...