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  1. This publication contains a quick bibliography series.
    631.875 MAC
  2. สิทธิรังสรรค์, ทิพวรรณ
  3. Wade W McCall
  4. Niall Dunne Everything you need to know to turn your garden and kitchen scraps into "black gold" Farmers and horticulturists have long understood the benefits of compost to their soil and plants. Compost provides important nutrients; offers habitat for beneficial fungi, earthworms, and other creatures; and...
  5. Jack Temple Jack Temple has put together a step by step program on how to reduce kitchen and garden waste and at the same time improve garden soil.
    631.875 TEM
  6. Dawn Berkelaar This publication includes an article from EDN #123 with additional pictures from Bill & Gerry Cotton's garden.
    635.048 COT
  7. Stu Campbell In 1975,Let it Rot!helped start the composting movement and taught gardeners everywhere how to recycle waste to create soil-nourishing compost. Contains advice for starting and maintaining a composting system, building bins, and using compost. Third Edition. Stop bagging leaves, grass, and...
    631.875 CAM | PD.011
  8. Ben Raskin (Author) Composttells you all you need to know about making compost, from different methods to the weird and wonderful creatures that help make it happen, and how to build and look after your own heap. Find out why worms are one of the stars of the composting show, how recycling your food and garden waste...
  9. Madeleine Inckel This Agrodok has been written for people who work with small scale farmers in developing countries and for anybody with an interest in composting and organic fertilizers.
    631.875 AGR | PD.001
  10. Jerry Minnich et al Clearly explains the biological and chemical processes involved in composting, detailing various methods constructing a heap and making and using compost from a wide range of materials.
    631.875 MIN