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  1. A.I. Root This edition contains a glossary which gives the definition of common beekeeping terms. It is hoped this reference will aid the beginning beekeeper in understanding the more technical portions of his work.
    638.1 ROO
  2. Joe M. Graham Over 1,300 pages. The Hive and the Honey Bee (1992) is the definitive text for anyone involved with bees, from keeping bees to simply finding out more about them. The most recent edition of this classic (1992), a wonderful hardcover book with attractive gold-stamped cover and spine, has been...
    638.120 GRA
  3. G. Mickels-Kokwe This booklet explore beekeeping and forest management in Zambia. Included is information on marketing honey. 65 pages, illustrations
    638.109 MIC
  4. John Vivian Describes basic beekeeping equipment, shows how to build a beehive, and provides information on installing, handling, and caring for bees and harvesting honey.
    638.1 VIV
  5. Daphne More Examines the origins of bees and the functions of queens, workers, and drones, indicates flowers that attract honeybees, and discusses beekeeping in ancient and modern times and the uses of beeswax.
    595.799 MOR
  6. Marieke Mutsaers The authors of this booklet are all experts in the areas of beekeeping. This booklet is not a scientific publication but instead the aim isto show how it is possible to make good products with limited resources. 94 p., illustrated
    638.109 MUT
  7. Ron Brown This book contains details on the history, chemical content, and the many uses of beeswax. The 20 illustrations are chosen to make this a practial book for beekeeper, wax candle and polish maker. 87 pages, illustrations, photos
    791.437 BRO
  8. Carla Emery Recipes for grains, vegetables, sweets, dairy products, poultry and meat dishes, and condiments are combined with advice in food preservation, gardening, beekeeping, raising livestock, soap making, and other farm and household activities.
    640.2 EME
  9. Tom Blomley In this paper the author describes some of the experiences of the government's Forestry and Beekeeping Division in institutionalising participatory forestry. He also outlines some particular challenges for the process against the backdrop of the government's decentralisation and local government...
    333.7 BLO
  10. Laurey Masterton (Author) Sweeten your table with 84 recipes inspired by honeybees, the food they pollinate, and the golden sweetener they produce. Highlighting a different honey variety each month, beekeeper and chef Laurey Masterton offers honey-tasting tips and vibrant recipes that deliver amazing dishes, both savory...