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  1. Boot, W.-J.; Mutsaers, M.; Segeren, P.; van 't Leven, L.; Velthuis, H. Keeping bees can be an interesting hobby or a source of income. This booklet provides information on keeping honey bees, Apis mellifera. It discusses the composition and daily life of a colony, the main principles of bee-keeping, the equipment required and the collection of honey and pollen. In...
    638.109 SEE | AB.032
  2. Richard Foster Jones Beekeeping provides rural people in developing countries with sources of income and nutrition. It is a sustainable form of agriculture, which isbeneficial to the environment and provides economic reasons for theretention of native habitats and potentially both increased yield from food and...
    638.121 JON
  3. Hannia Freeman The objective for this publication is that you'd have a basic well-rounded understanding of beepkeeping and what it involves, a greater appreciation for bees and their role in nature, and how beneficial keeping bees can be as a livelihood.
    638.1 FRE
  4. Curtis Gentry This is a manual for getting started with small scale beekeeping development projects. The intention is to provide an overview of beekeeping and its possibilities as a tool for development. No attempt is made to duplicate technical information given in other readily available resources on...
    638.107 PEA
  5. Harry Volker This is a collection of articles on beekeeping with information on the basics, differenct styles of hives such as frame hives and top-bar hives, and other information on bees in the tropics. 2 Copies
    638.109 VOL
  6. 638.1 USD 6-9 Notebook
  7. USDA
    638.1 USD 6-9 Notebook
  8. Richard Taylor The author gives an intimation of the source of happiness that beekeepers have discovered and to convey his philosophy that is so closely interwoven with hisbeekeeping.
    638.109 TAY
  9. Sardar Singh This volume contains authentic information on all aspects of keepeeping in a consise and popular style. It is intended to serve as a handy reference and guide-book for students of agriculture, extension workers and all those who are interested in beekeeping either as a hobby or as a profession.
    638.1 SIN
  10. B. Clauss This handbook provides the information required to start beekeeping. 2 copies
    638.11 CLA | AB.056