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  1. Anthony J. Smith This book addresses the problems of poultry production under tropical and sub-tropical conditions. Apart from the obvious climatic differences there exist chronic problems in obtaining adequate food supplies and at the same time lack of disease control may make intensive production unprofitable...
    636.500 SMI | AB.042
  2. Dr. Malcolm Reid, et al W. Malcolm Reid (1910-1990) was Professor Emeritus of Poultry Science (Parasitology) at the University of Georgia. He saw a need for a book dealing with basic poultry production and recruited others to help him develop one. He knew firsthand the value of poultry as a source of food and manure for...
    636.508 REI | SB.021
  3. E.H. Ketelaars This booklet is intended to serve as a manual for small-scale poultry raising in the tropics. This manual can be of use to both beginning and experienced poultry raisers when confronted with problems which arise. The manual focuses on keeping laying chickens.
    636.5 VAN | AB.016
  4. This Agrodok provides a wealth of useful information on how to overcome the main constraints in small-scale poultry production and deal with threats like predation and infectious diseases. It is a practical booklet with chapters on hatching, housing, nutrition and health. 2 Copies
    636.5 VAN | AB.019
  5. John P Bishop Contains information on raising poultry in English and Spanish.
    634.6 BIS | AB.006
  6. Leonard S. Mercia This Garden Way Classic has been the single most useful reference to countless small flock raisers over the years, and this revised and updated edition answers the questions of a whole new generation of poultry growers. For anyone interested in raising chickens, turkey, ducks, or geese, Raising...
    636.5 MER | AB.040
  7. Karma Glos
  8. Andy Lee This is the book that tells you how to integrate small flocks of poultry in with family food production. There is a "back to the land" movement happening across the world, and it's happening in backyards and on small parcels of land. Chicken tractor systems have become so popular that the term...
    636.520 LEE | AB.028
  9. Aldin Hilbrands, Carl Yzerman This Agrodok describes how you can integrate fish culture with crop and animal production on a farm. This book follows on from Agrodok No.15 'Small-scale freshwater fish farming', which describes in detail the basic principles of raising fish and building a fish pond. Once agricultural activities...
    639.31 HIL | AA.007, AB.031
  10. D.E. Goodman Why do our farm animals get sick and how can we keep them healthy?" This is a question veterinarians and other specialists who work with small farmers hear frequently. Most of these farmers work very hard, giving time, effort, and loving care to their animals in the hope that their farm will be...
    636.089 GOO | AB.009