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  1. Henry S Laswai et al This study on the status of soya bean production and utilization in Tanzania was done in order to assist in planning for its development. The study involved stakeholders from research, extension, soya bean and poultry farmers, food and animal feed processors.
    633.3 CPS
  2. Janie Hipp This document contains information on federal and state inspection requirements for on-farm poultry production and processing. 74 pages
    338.176 HIP
  3. This manual discusses the development of a Newcastle disease virus for use in the production of vaccine for village flocks.
    636.089 SPR
  4. John W. Copland Newcastle disease virus can infect many bird species, and the domestic chicken is particularly susceptible. Highly virulent strains of the virus are endemic throughout Asia, where they cause hreater economic loss than oany other poultry disease. Vaccination can reduce losses. However, most...
    636.508 COP
  5. John Vivian It covers what you need to know to raise chickens. It has a section on chicken breeds, as not all chickens are alike. Information on brooding and early care of the young chicks is provided. There is information on henhouse furniture, or what to have in the henhouse for the chickens. Feeding is...
    636.5 VIV
  6. Arturo S. Alejar The primary goal of Broiler Production in the Tropics is to present in a simple manner some technical information that raisers need in order to tend broiler successfully.
    636.51 ALE
  7. Upland Holistiic Development Project
    636.5 BUR
  8. Aichi J. Kitalyi The main findings of this study support the hypothesis that village chicken production forms the basis for transforming the rural poultry sector from subsistence to a more economically productive base. This study also highlights the importance of information systems, which include data management...
    636.508 KIT
  9. 636.5 BIS
  10. Irenee Modeste Bidima Sometimes called “the tree of life” or “the tree of paradise” due to its exceptional environmental, medicinal and dietary benefits, the moringa is a multi-purpose tree whose leaves, flowers, fruits, bark and roots can all be directly consumed. Its nutritional qualities are becoming increasingly...
    633.37 BID