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  1. Robyn Alders Poultry are the most benign of farm stock; easy to manage, resilient and relatively productive under the most varied conditions. Anyone with a small patch of land can keep poultry for their eggs and meat, and for breeding. There are few greater pleasures than keeping a flock of hens and feeding...
    636.509 ALD
  2. US Department of Agriculture This classic text on poultry contains a treasury of knowledge on keeping and raising chickens for home egg or meat production or for profit on the farm. An enlightening and informative read that will benefit the beginner in poultry.
    636.508 ANI
  3. This Agrodok provides a wealth of useful information on how to overcome the main constraints in small-scale poultry production and deal with threats like predation and infectious diseases. It is a practical booklet with chapters on hatching, housing, nutrition and health. 2 Copies
    636.5 VAN | AB.019
  4. John P Bishop A collection of readings on incubation in poultry. 3Copies
    636.5 BIS
  5. Ganta Mission Station The purpose of this technote is to help families in the tropics alleviate hunger and poverty by improving small-farm chick production and health.
    636.5 GAN
  6. A.A. Mcardle et al The new practices, which are described in this booklet, have been tested on the Government farms and poultry centres and proved successful. If they are adopted widely and carried out carefully, the production of poultry products can be increased maniford at a comparatively low cost. The feeding...
    636.5 MIC
  7. Wilson A Cerbito et al The results of the studies reported in this publication are that the promising performance of TPR is highly recommended to upgrade and improve the native chicken and on-farm performance evaluation TPR X Native Crosses should be conducted to further evaluate the breed potential of the TPR Chicken....
    636.5 CER
  8. Richard Todd Hewitt Through sustained agricultural food production using ducks, fish, and crops this experiment sets out to be a means to love the poor. A system was built where ducks, fish, and crops could feed off each other's wastes. The plants and ducks grew well but there was not enough oxygen for the fish.
    636.5 HEW
  9. John P Bishop Contains information on raising poultry in English and Spanish.
    634.6 BIS | AB.006
  10. Leonard S. Mercia This Garden Way Classic has been the single most useful reference to countless small flock raisers over the years, and this revised and updated edition answers the questions of a whole new generation of poultry growers. For anyone interested in raising chickens, turkey, ducks, or geese, Raising...
    636.5 MER | AB.040