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  1. This FAO book gives priority to the prevention of post-harvestlosses, particularly through action to reduce losses at the farm and village level. Some topics include pest control, loss assessment, drying, crib storage, root storage, processing cereals, and rice milling. 120 pages, illustrated,...
  2. This publication presents an introduction to the basic theories of solar drying and outlines the principal operating features of the main solar dryer designs, including a detailed description of the construction and operation of the three most common dryer types. It provides guidelines on...
  3. Joost Gwinner et al This book has been written primarily to provide practical instruction and assistance to storekeepers, plant protection technicians, agricultural extension and quarantine staff who are concerned with storage problems in their daily work. At the same time, this manual intended to provide...
  4. A. Bell, O. Muck, P. Mutlu & H. Schneider. The cost effectiveness of systems-oriented measures in post-harvest protection. 34 pages, illustrated
  5. Carl W. Campbell [et al] 20 pages, illustrated
  6. Albert Bell This booklet outlines training facilites provided by the Group for Assistance on Systems relating to Grain after Harvest member organisations and other institutions in member countries as well as in some non member countries for developing country personnel working in the post-harvest area of...
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  8. Malcolm C. Bourne This paper outlines the nature of the problem of post harvest food losses, discusses the causes of the loss, what is known of the extent of losses and where losses occur. It describes briefly the available techniques for preserving food and identifies those techniques that offer the greatest...
  9. Lisa Kitinoja et al The three main objectives of applying postharvest technology to harvested fruits and vegetables are: 1) To maintain quality (appearance, texture, flavor and nutritive value), 2) To protect food safety, and 3) To reduce losses between harvest and consumption. Effective management during the...
  10. Biswa Nath Ghosh This contains information on post-harvest crop processing machines for developing areas of the world. 122 pages, illustrations, photos