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  1. Hannia Freeman The objective for this publication is that you'd have a basic well-rounded understanding of beepkeeping and what it involves, a greater appreciation for bees and their role in nature, and how beneficial keeping bees can be as a livelihood.
    638.1 FRE
  2. 638.1 USD 6-9 Notebook
  3. Richard Taylor The author gives an intimation of the source of happiness that beekeepers have discovered and to convey his philosophy that is so closely interwoven with hisbeekeeping.
    638.109 TAY
  4. USDA
    638.1 USD 6-9 Notebook
  5. Enoch H. Tompkins et al Explains every aspect, task, drawback, and reward of beekeeping, for beginning hobbyists and professionals, providing all necessary information on equipment, costs, hive management, bee behavior, disease control, and other topics
    638.1 TOM
  6. Harlan H D Attfield Included in this publication is a description of the bee colony, relatives of the honeybee, what bees need to live, and the different types of bee hives.
    638.1 ATT
  7. Sardar Singh This volume contains authentic information on all aspects of keepeeping in a consise and popular style. It is intended to serve as a handy reference and guide-book for students of agriculture, extension workers and all those who are interested in beekeeping either as a hobby or as a profession.
    638.1 SIN
  8. Dario Espina In this book the reader will obtain information of value for rational management of the africanized bees.
    638.15 ESP
  9. Ormond & Harry Aebi This book has four primary objectives: to give information; to dispel fear; to give suggestions on how to encourage bees to make surplous honey for their keeper; to give each reader a personality examination so that he may personally evaluate his chances of becoming a success beekeeper.
    638.1 AEB
  10. Ormond and Harry Aebi This book includes an in-depth discussion of the ways of the honeybee and how to handle them for the greatest possible profit and enjoyment.
    638.1 AEB