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  1. US Department of Agriculture This classic text on poultry contains a treasury of knowledge on keeping and raising chickens for home egg or meat production or for profit on the farm. An enlightening and informative read that will benefit the beginner in poultry.
    636.508 ANI
  2. C.C. Kekeocha This handbook contains all the information necessary to help you set up a poultry unit large or small, for broilers or layers. It assumes no specialized knowledge and contains advice on breeds, housing, feeding, management, health, marketing and finance. If you already have a poultry unit, or if...
    636.500 KEK
  3. translated by R. Ralph Say.
    AI 24 (missing, 7/09)
  4. Anthony J. Smith This book addresses the problems of poultry production under tropical and sub-tropical conditions. Apart from the obvious climatic differences there exist chronic problems in obtaining adequate food supplies and at the same time lack of disease control may make intensive production unprofitable...
    636.500 SMI | AB.042
  5. J.P. Bishop.
    636.5 BIS
  6. Kenneth M. French This manual is designed to provide development workers with the information and tools needed either to begin or to improve poultry production. For those who are inexperienced in poultry production, this manual can identify and provide the basic information needed to raise and market poultry...
    636.5 FRE
  7. Faysal Ruwayha The purpose of this study is to look at 4 aspects of the poultry industry. The study of the environment, mainly air temperature, and its affect on egg production and mortality rate among layers as well as chicks, the study of feed utililization by chicks and by layers, the study of egg production...
    636.5 RUW
  8. Karma Glos Part of the NOFA guides. Includes information on: Organic poultry basics Establishing the facilities (housing and equipment, choosing and using litter, outdoor access, brooding, grazing and pasturing) Purchasing and brooding chicks Organic feed and supplements Poultry health care in the organic...
    636.522 GLO
  9. Robyn Alders Poultry are the most benign of farm stock; easy to manage, resilient and relatively productive under the most varied conditions. Anyone with a small patch of land can keep poultry for their eggs and meat, and for breeding. There are few greater pleasures than keeping a flock of hens and feeding...
    636.509 ALD
  10. This Agrodok provides a wealth of useful information on how to overcome the main constraints in small-scale poultry production and deal with threats like predation and infectious diseases. It is a practical booklet with chapters on hatching, housing, nutrition and health. 2 Copies
    636.5 VAN | AB.019