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  1. Ben Falk With Practical Information on Landshaping, Water Security, Perennial Crops, Soil Fertility, Nutrient-dense food, and more The Resilient Farm and Homestead is a manual for developing durable, beautiful, and highly functional human habitat systems fit to handle an age of rapid transition. Ben Falk...
    631.58 FAL
  2. Michel Fanton & Jude Fanton The founders of Australia's Seed Savers' Network show how gardeners can protect the global food heritage - and eat it too. The seeds and growth cycles of 117 vegetables, culinary herbs and edible flowers are described in detail. The book begins with eight chapters on the issues around seeds...
    631.521 FAN | PG.003
  3. L.R. Humphreys Many new pasture plants have entered farming practice in the tropics and sub—tropics in the past two decades. This book attempts to define the principles of plant behavior which decide the ecological success or failure of these plants in the diverse environmental conditions of the tropical world....
    633.2 HUM
  4. Maurice Victor Wiese The most comprehensive wheat disease identification guide in print. Covers more than 100 diseases, disorders, and pests.
    633.119 WIE
  5. C. N. Williams et al The first part of the book, which assumes an elementary knowledge of agriculture, biology, and allied sciences, covers in detail the methods best suited to the cultivation of crops in the wet tropics. It advocates the use of intensive systems of agriculture which are less destructive to the...
    632.5 WIL
  6. G. Shabbir The number of people living in cities will more than double in by the year 2033. At the same time it is clear that past incentives to keep the developing World's people in rural areas have not worked. This text presents a picture of the urban agriculture of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and...
    338.109 UND
  7. Allan Savory, Jody Butterfield Increasingly sophisticated technology and an ever-expand-ing base of knowledge have not been enough to allow humans to halt the worldwide progression of environmental degradation. Extensive fieldwork in both Africa and the United States convinced Allan Savory that neither the forces of nature nor...
    333.7 SAV
  8. by G.R. Squire. This book provides a concise introduction to the principles of crop physiology in the tropics, and is based on the work of a project funded by the UK Overseas Development Administration.
    631.509 SQU
  9. John Ashley This book looks at the ways in which the productivity of food crops in the semi-arid tropics may be increased, and yields safeguarded, by both genetic and agronomic means.
    635.952 ASH
  10. Archie Hunter Animal health Vol. 1 is a valuable guide for anyone involved with maintaining and establishing the health of animals in tropical and sub-tropical countries. It explains the causes of animal diseases, how they are spread and the means available for their control.
    636.089 HUN | AB.052