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  1. Vincent E. Rubatzky & Mas Yamaguchi 2 Copies This wide-ranging, comprehensive treatise examines the many different aspects of vegetables from an international perspective. The diversity and depth of coverage of vegetables is largely due to the extensive background and experiences of the authors, Vincent Rubatzky and Mas Yamaguchi,...
    635. RUB
  2. R. Fauconnier Sugar Cane covers in detail the characteristics and cultivation of this important crop in a variety of different agricultural systems and zones, from small plantations to large estates.
    633.6 FAU | PB.010
  3. Agnes Kiss & Frans Meerman Integrated Pest Management is an approach which combines different pest control techniques and integrates them into the overall farming system. This study shows the relevance of the IPM approach for African agriculture by giving an account of the rationale and historical development of IPM as...
    632.609 KIS
  4. Anne Hope, Sally Timmell Training for Transformation Book 4 is a practical and accessible workbook for community development workers. It recognizes that the only changes which effectively transform the lives of poor people are those in which they have been active participants--this book, and the earlier books in the...
    307.14 HOP | DB.006
  5. FAO This book provides and extensive overview of all aspects of these much-neglected crops, ranging from their history, popularization and production to their nutritional value and potential toxcity.
    641.351 FAO
  6. Richard Margoluis and Nicklaus N. Salafsky Measures of Success is a practical, hands-on guide to designing, managing, and measuring the impacts of community-oriented conservation and development projects. It presents a simple, clear, logical, and yet comprehensive approach to developing and implementing effective programs, and can help...
    333.951 MAR
  7. by James L. Castner, Stephen L. Timme, James A. Duke. Vibrant color photos of fruits, flowers, leaves, and whole plants made it alluring for rural Amazonians, who appreciated seeing pictures of many of the plants they use to fashion crafts, roofs, food, and medicine. For their part, ecologists and botanists enjoyed the convenience of viewing the...
    581.63 CAS
  8. Robert B. Yepsen, Jr. Suggests techniques for preventing diseases and pest damage, describes the problems that can develop with each kind of fruit and vegetable, and describes specific remedies. 2 Copies
    635 YEP
  9. H.R.Cambrony This book describes the basic botany of the coffee plant an how to grow it in a variety of African Zones and farming systems, with reference to other tropical areas. All the practical growing techniques are given in detail. 2 Copies
    633.73 CAM | PH.002, PH.016
  10. David Harries This guide is designed to help skilled blacksmiths who have little or no teaching experience to train others in forge work techniques, using easily obtainable equipment and scrap metal to produce tools such as hoes, sickles, hammers and axes. There are 16 lesson plans with advice on teaching...
    682.20 HAR