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  1. Noel D. Vietmeyer This fascinating, readable volume is filled with enticing, detailed information about more than 30 different Incan crops that promise to follow the potato's lead and become important contributors to the world's food supply. Some of these overlooked foods offer special advantages for developing...
    630.98 VIE
  2. M.A. Delabarre & et al This book covers all practical aspects of growing rubber.
    678.2 DEL | PH.023
  3. Aaron Moore This guide for carpentry instructors includes detailed plans for practical demonstrations, and important theoretical aspects of the craft. The tools include planes, clamps, workbench and vice. There is also a section on basic blacksmithing techniques.
    694.20 MOO
  4. Hugues Tezenas du Montcel Plantain Bananas covers in detail the characteristics and requirements of the crop and how to grow it in a variety of African Zones and farming systems, with relevance to Caribbean and other tropical areas.
    634.773 MON
  5. Plant Resources of Tropical Africa (Program) This publication contains descriptions of promising African plants. It also reports on three projects where species were explored in projects, Cleome gynandra - spiderplants, Hibiscus sabdariffa - roselle, and Sorghum bicolor - sorghum.
    581.63 CTA
  6. Agency for International Development & Samuel C. Litzenberger In the tropical and subtropical areas of the world, food grains make up the bulk of the diet for most people. Food grains together with fiber and specialty crops are also principal cash producers. It is with these commodities that this Guide for Field Crops in the Tropics and Subtropics concerns...
    633.009 LIT
  7. Murray Dickson Community health workers, educators, and individuals from around the world use Where there is no Dentist to help people care for their teeth and gums. This book's board focus makes it an invaluable resource. The author uses straightforward language and careful instructions to explain how to...
    617.6 DIC
  8. CTA This book is divided into four parts - Part 1 explains what you need to keep a successful nursery. Part 2 describes propagation from seeds and Part 3 covers methods of vegetative propagation. Part 4 gives the best way to propagate 100 selected useful plants. 140 pages, illustrated
    613.53 TEC
  9. Robert Lambert Shows how to make a simple, cheap, pump suitable for small-holding and garden use, a pump which can raise water from rivers or wells, with lifts of up to 30 metres. A simple clear text, with line drawings, showing how common materials can be used. 27 pages, illustrated.
    621.252 LAM
  10. Daniel Selener [et al] This book is the result of two workshops, one held in Honduras and another held inEcuador, that were undertaken to describe and analyse the personal experiences of farmer promoters who provideextensionservices for community development, a methodology known as 'farmer-to-farmer extension'. The...
    630.715 SEL | DB.010