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  1. Hans Ruthenberg, with contributions by J. D. MacArthur, H. D. Zandstra, and M. P. Collinson 424 pages, tables
    630.913 RUT
  2. P. L. Simmonds Excerpt of a longer work. Discussion on indian corn, rice, broom corn or millet. 54 pages
    633.109 SIM
  3. P. L. Simmonds. 80 pages
    633.5 SIM
  4. P. Beveridge Kennedy Farmer's Bulletin, no. 108 19 pages, illustrated
    630 KEN
  5. Wilson Popenoe The reason for scarcity of fruits in regions where, by climatic indications, one would expect them to be most abundant, is not to be found in any single fact, but is, perhaps, largely the result of three causes: first, the enervating effect of heat, which discourages man from undertaking work...
    634.4 POP
  6. William Beebe 234 pages, illustrated, photos
    591.92 THA
  7. John Kunkel Small 1,554 pages, illustrated
    581.975 SMA
  8. Sina Faye Fowler et al Comprehensive and easy to follow,Food for Fiftyprovides students and food production professionals with a broad variety of tested quantity recipes, along with valuable tables, charts, and ready-to-use guidelines for preparing and serving quality food in quantity.
    641.57 FOW
  9. Alvin L. Moxon 87 pages, illustrated, photos Bulletin 311
    630.7 AES
  10. John Bartlett 1,578 pages
    808.88 BAR