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  2. 2014-11-20  
  3. 2016-02-02 A brief overview of the history of ECHO Asia, its purpose and goals, and the services it offers to development practitioners working in Asia.  
  4. Key Resource 2016-03-01 This article is from ECHO Asia Note #27 When planning to construct a “Cold Room” or “Seed Storage Room” for the purpose of preserving seed viability, one must first consider principles for optimum seed storage. InECHO Asia Note 14(July 2012), we shared results from our comparison of vacuum...  
  5. 2015-12-02 A brief overview of ECHO Asia's history, work, and services available to network members working in the Asia region.  
  6. Key Resource Introduction Given the proper facilities necessary to store seeds long-term, whereby low temperature and low humidity are kept stable over time, it is very possible to store most orthodox seeds for several years at a time in the tropics (Harrington, 1972). Unfortunately, implementation and...  
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