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  1. AccessAgriculture Video Introduction to sustainable land management practices which have a proven track record in Africa. They can help control land degradation and improve production for small scale farmers, despite the challenges of climate change.  
  2. AccessAgriculture Training Video In Kenya, small-scale farmers stabilise river banks and reduce rainwater runoff from nearby plots by planting trees and grasses.  
  3. AccessAgriculture Video Stone lines induce a natural process of terracing as they trap sediments. They are also built to rehabilitate eroded lands. Farmers in Kenya show how they construct stone lines.  
  4. Abstract,Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change, 2016 Moringa oleifera is known as “horseradish tree” or “drumstick tree”, native to India, is one of the best useful tree and an enormous amount of benefits in the world. Numerous Research reports have appeared in different national and...  
  5. TheSouth African Journal of Plant and Soilpublishes original articlesand commentaries on research in the fields offundamental and appliedsoil and plant science. Original research papers, short communications including germplasm registrations, relevant book reviews, commentaries on papers recently...  

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