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  1. Key Resource 1992-03-01 Water is everywhere - its physics and chemistry, rain, evaporation, infiltration, underground, the intimate relationship between life and water, and other natural phenomena. Its effects and applications need to be understood: run-off, erosion, soil drainage and irrigation. These comprise the main...  
  2. Key Resource 1997-01-01 THIS COMPREHENSIVE AND well-illustrated presentation of India’s ancient water-harvesting systems highlights their potential for contributing to contemporary India’s development, especially with regard to irrigation and drinking water supply. It explains how the water-harvesting systems used in...  
  3. 1984-06-01 FAO of the United Nations has as its objective to present the principles and practices of tillage systems for sustained food production and to create an awareness of the need to conserve the world's soil, water and energy resources for future generations.  
  4. 2002-01-01 This publication describes the history of Florida along with the managment of water resources in Florida.