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  1. 2017-02-09 This session will demonstrate Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) as a low-cost, sustainable land-restoration technique used to combat poverty and hunger amongst poor subsistence farmers in developing countries by increasing food, fodder and livelihood production, while enhancing...  
  2. 2006-07-20 Jackfruit has long been valued and cultivated in tropical Asia. Thought to originate in the rainforests of India, jackfruit has remained relatively unknown throughout the rest of the tropics.  
  3. 1995-03-19 Carambola will not come true from seed.  
  4. 2001-10-20 Cranberry hibiscusisone of the most striking and colorful plants in the “edible landscape” section at ECHO.  
  5. 1998-12-19 Certain seeds have been shown to respond to smoke before they will germinate, even when there is no fire.  
  6. 1998-08-19 The seed of some fifty Australian dry-zone acacia species are a traditional food of Australian Aboriginal people. In Australia they have not been domesticated and until recently have had a low status as “outback bush plants.”  
  7. 1999-07-19 Suggestions for providing seeds to farmers after disasters.  
  8. 1998-12-19 Trees can be an effective source of mulch in drylands.  
  9. 2008-07-20 Thisagroforestry technique has been widely promoted in agriculture development programs throughout the tropics. Alley cropping (AC) is the practice of growing food crops in alleys between hedgerows of trees or shrubs, which are regularly coppiced (severely pruned). Prunings are placed on the soil...  
  10. 2021-02-01 Seeds are a strategic starting point for any agricultural development program or project, and good seeds are undoubtedly one of the most important material inputs for farmers, both men and women. In some farming communities and families, seeds are the most significant predictor of productivity....