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  4. 2019-09-18 I discovered 100-fold gardens while researching ways to irrigate plants directly in the root zone. I wanted to know how to practically and affordably control some of the variables that influence plant growth, such as water availability and soil fertility. I read about “wicking beds,” which are...
  5. Developed at Colorado State University from Chilean races. This day-neutral variety has been a top producer at ECHO Florida. It has small, yellow-colored seed. The plants can grow to a height of nearly 2 m.
  7. 2018-07-18 In this issue: Farmer Field School Trials of 2:4:2 Maize/Legume Intercropping Laurel Wilt Disease: "Save the Guac!" Echoes from our Network: Metal silos for grain storage From ECHO's Seed Bank: Culantro Let’s Restore Our Land and Farming for Change curriculum Download EDN 140 Farmer Field School...