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  1. 2016-01-20 Need an effective, low cost antiparasitic remedy? Or prefer natural remedies, if they really work? You want papaya seeds (Carica papaya). A placebo, controlled study in Nigeria1 found them to be as effective as pharmaceuticals without any serious side effects. The parasite clearance rates after a...  
  2. A powerpoint explaining rabies in general and in Haiti, how to combat it, signs, what do do if you are bit etc.  
  3. Creole Document on Making a Cookstove  
  4. Creole Document - Raising Rabbits  
  5. A document describing the common conditions/illnesses goat contract in Haiti. Parasites, Anthrax, Chlamydia and Orf.  
  6. Creole Document on Drip Irrigation  
  7. Creole Document onImproving Poultry Production In Haiti  
  8. A Creole document describing rabies. How animals get rabies, Signs of rabies, What should you do if you suspect an animal has rabies, How to know if an animal is rabid, What to do if you are bit by an animal.  
  9. Creole Document - Guide to raising piglets  
  10. Creole Document - Making a pump with plastic pipe