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  1. Access Agriculture Training Video Flood tolerant rice is the solution for flood prone areas. In this video, we will take a closer look at how to select suitable rice varieties, use quality seeds, grow healthy and vigorous seedlings and manage your field after flooding. Available languages Bangla...  
  2. Access Agriculture Training Video Contour hedgerows slow the speed of water coming down the slope and allow the water to infiltrate. They also allow the washed away soil and nutrients to settle out above the hedgerows. You can plant many different grasses, depending on what you need and what is...  
  3. Access Agriculture Training Video Farmers in India show how the disease first appears in the leaf tip. Finally, the plant dries up. Non-chemical methods can be used to control this disease. Available languages Bambara Burmese Chichewa / Nyanja Dioula English French Hindi Marathi Mooré Tamil  

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