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  1. 1987-01-01 252 pages  
  2. 2017-01-20 This book is intended as a jumping-off point for creating your own local cuisine based upon what you are growing in your humid subtropical multistory homegarden. It is designed not as a book of recipes, but as a book of tools to allow you to make delicious food using the staple crops and other...  
  3. 1988-01-01 As residents of Lehigh and members of the Garden Club, we learned much about this specific corner of Mother Earth, Lehigh, and we have accumulated experience that we are sharing in this publication.  
  4. The book lists a number of plants with a culinary history and suggests new ones, not in the wilderness where recent interest has already resulted in numerous books, but in your own garden where you like to work, relax and entertain, where familiar plants can play exciting new roles. We have...  
  5. Proper management of trees and forests is necessary to make resources sustainable. Trees ñ or rather: woody plants in general ñ play an important part in traditional farming systems in the tropics, not just as food and cash crops but also as suppliers of fuelwood and fodder. Farmers are also...  

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