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  1. Key Resource 1998-08-15 Vibrant color photos of fruits, flowers, leaves, and whole plants made it alluring for rural Amazonians, who appreciated seeing pictures of many of the plants they use to fashion crafts, roofs, food, and medicine. For their part, ecologists and botanists enjoyed the convenience of viewing the...  
  2. Key Resource 1998-02-01 Handy for commercial producers as well as backyard gardeners, this useful guide for growers and sellers of niche market produce provides detailed information about growing specialty crops that are growing in popularity among consumers. Includes 63 crop sheets from arugula to radicchio, basil to...  
  3. 1997-01-01 This publication is a summary of the proceedings of the workshop on conservation and improvement of bambara groundnut presented in November 1995 in Harare, Zimbabwe. 165 pages, illustrations, photos  

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