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  1. Key Resource Despite the incredible diversity of useful plants that exist, a small handful of crops feed the majority of the world and millions of people still suffer from malnutrition and poverty. This talk will discuss some often overlooked crops that have the potential to alleviate suffering through...  
  2. The Tian Shan mountains that straddle Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan on the west and China’s Xinjiang Province on the east are home to the Earth’s greatest collection of wild fruits of the rose family. Apples, pears, plums, apricots, and others are found in wild groves and forests and...  
  4. Topics to be presented include, matching the tropical and subtropical fruit crops to local environmental conditions as well as plant space and size management and low-input cultural practices for small holdings (nutrient, water, and pruning). Simple tactics for potential off-season cropping will...  
  7. Peggy Bradley The first class in a series of videos on Micro-Gardens. How to grow your own food on a 100 by 50 foot lot  
  8. Peggy Bradley A class on using small containers in a micro-garden. This shows using recycled materials to help construct a garden at home  
  9. Peggy Bradley This is class 7 in the Micro-garden Training and concerns controlling pests with natural means.  
  10. Peggy Bradley This class shows the organoponics movement in Cuba where 60% of their food is grown this way. Shows how to set up one in your own yard.