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  1. 1999-10-19 Stefan Cherry shares insights from a community in Cameroon where Tephrosia vogelii is an integral part of the farming system.  
  2. 2008-07-20 Topics briefy addressed: Nematode management. Seed inoculants to maximize the ability ofleguminous plants to fix nitrogen. Bean weevils controlled by tumbling the beans. Controlling seed storage conditions. Saving your own vegetable seeds. Neem leaf tea or neem seed oil to discourageinsect...  
  3. 2004-04-20 Rice bean (Vigna umbellata) is one of the top five most commonly grown green manure/cover crops in the world.  
  4. 1999-03-19 This is a good example of how quickly seeds can multiply. “Of the 8 seeds that were sent 4 were planted in a placewhere sunlight was restricted to about 4 hours a day. These gave very few pods. The 4 others got more sunlight and we got a harvest of 185 seeds so far. We have planted 160 of these...