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  1. Key Resource 2015-12-15 Nutrition is an essential component of the work of all health and community workers, including those involved in humanitarian assistance, and yet it is often neglected in their basic training. Drawn from the experiences of an international editor team with extensive field experience,Nutritionfor...  
  2. Key Resource 1998-06-01 This is a much needed practical handbook which bridges the gap between nutritional problems and agricultural solutions. This book helps community workers and local groups identify nutritional needs and grow the required food crops organically.  
  3. Documents provided by ECHO network members in Haiti to serve the Creole language.  
  4. 1994-10-19 In some parts of the world people roast sorghum, as is done with corn (roasting ears) in the United States. Roasting bird resistant sorghum at the dough stage may not sufficiently remove the cyanogenic glycoside dhurrin.  
  5. 1994-10-19 Information regarding Quinoa.  
  6. 2017-04-12 Dr. Brian Hilton researched and promoted biofortified crops for over 20 years. Brian worked as part of a team testing the first orange sweet potato varieties in Mozambique in 2002. He has 25 years of experience working with farmers in Indonesia, Chad and Mozambique. Brian now works with World...  
  7. 2009-04-01 This article is from ECHO Asia Note #1 Based on the experiences of CRWRC and its collaborating partnering organizations in East Africa, the introduction of grain and vegetable amaranths shows real potential for the highlands of Southeast Asia. Grain amaranth should be seen and managed as a high...  
  8. 2000-06-20 A report on the work of Nikolaus and Gabriele Foidl with Moringa in Nicaragua.