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  1. 'Indian Firecracker' is a perennial, hot, 'bush' pepper from India. The second generation of seed at ECHO has resulted in large (1.7m tall), high-yielding plants. This pepper produces very attractive, pungent (hot - Scoville rating of 30,000 - 50,000), 2.5 - 5cm long fruits on plants that live...
  2. Light yellow-green seed, slightly larger than ‘ECHO’ variety.  
  3. 'Borneo' - This variety produces extra long edible pods that can be up to 45cm long.
  4. ‘K784’ has proven to be the most psyllid resistant variety of L. diversifolia.
  6. Regional Thai variety with vigorous growth. Prefers full sun.  
  9. ‘Green’ is a slender, twining vine that does better on a trellis if available.
  10. Round edible fruit 20 cm (8 in), with a sour flavor.  

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