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  1. Edible fruit less than 30 cm (1 ft) long and edible leaf shoots.  
  3. Similar to naga variety, thin pod with white bean, beans occur in pairs  
  6. ‘Ribbon’ has smaller wings, 23 cm green pods, and needs shorter days to produce seed.
  8. Asia
  9. ‘Uberlandia Reed-Franz Improved' carrots are similar to 'Uberlandia', but have been further selected by an ECHO volunteer, Reed Franz for bolting in warm weather.
  10. 2017-03-29 While at the gathering of 170 global participants working in agricultural and extension services, Abram met Saikou, who is from the Gambia and works as a Peace Corp volunteer coordinator and advisor for the Gambia. Saikou attended an ECHO Florida TAD 1 training back in 2014 to gain more knowledge...